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The Sjølander Embroidery catalogue

In the catalogue, you will find embroidery designs available to order from Sjølander Embroidery.


The embroideries may be applied to all sorts of projects and fabrics of your choice. The designs may be adapted in size, colours etc. to suit your specific needs.  Please see the properties boxes on each page for details.


Materials, threads, colours etc. should always be decided in

close collaboration between client and maker. So please contact Thomas Sjølander for further discussions on

e-mail: or tel: +45 2991 0472


The catalogue is divided into the following categories:


- Designs for complete garments

- Solitary motifs

- Narrow borders

- Small edge motifs

- Large edge motifs

- Interior motifs


Prices are available upon request


To print a hard copy of the catalogue please download the pdf from the link below.


costume embroidery and couture embroidery

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