Sjølander Embroidery makes high quality embroidery on couture,

interior textiles and costumes for film and stage productions.

"…the stitchery that comes from the computer is of one sort, but Thomas has managed to sort of break it up to give it a reality of hand stitching. So what you’re looking at is pretty close to the real thing, and how it would have been. But it is done on a computer and that’s extraordinary. It has a truth to it, which is very, very clever."

  John Bright

Costume designer, Cosprop Ltd. London

 Tine Sander,

Head of costumes, The Royal Theatre Denmark

"Thomas has unique skills which I can't find anywhere else. Very true, you can find embroidery in India, Turkey and China but never of the same quality. We just send a  drawing to Thomas and he transforms it to the right size and design. Therefore it is essential for the theatre world to have a man like Thomas with his unique costume knowhow."

costume embroidery and couture embroidery