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This cushion is based on the beautiful Chippendale© rose from world famous rose breeders Rosen Tantau in Germany. For more than 100 years breeding garden roses has been the core business of Rosen Tantau. During all this time, the company has specialized in many different types of roses. In 2005 Rosen Tantau launched the stunningly beautiful Chippendale®. It has the most amazing colours ranging from salmon, peach-yellow to apricot-pink.


For their new catalogue Rosen Tantau wanted to portray how roses can inspire and motivate artful work. In close collaboration with head of the breeding program, Jens Krüger, we developed an idea for an embroidery based on the Chippendale® rose. I have created the motif in 27 shades of Madeira Rayon Classic 40 and the cushion is available embroidered on either linen or black silk.


Embroidered and made in the Sjølander Embroidery workrooms in Denmark. Feather cushion pad included.

Chippendale© rose cushion - design 6007 - 1

SKU: Design-6007-1

Choose your own colours.

This item is available to order. If you would like the cushion to compliment a particular room or piece of furniture, it may be produced in a number of colours and fabrics to suit your wishes. Please ask for details.












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