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Photograph: Heidi Lundsgaard

Sjølander Embroidery makes high quality embroidery on couture, interior textiles and costumes for film and stage productions.

In the field of theatre and movie make-believe I create surface decoration on most types of pliable materials. By means of advanced computer techniques and meticulous working methods I try to make material and machine work together to create a hand-made and genuine appearance.

One of the motivating powers of my work is to create machine embroidery that appears real and authentic. Ideally the embroidery should emerge from the background as an organically integrated part of the fabric and embrace the overall idea of the design. I discuss the embroidery in close collaboration and continuous dialogue with the costume designer and assistants.

Research and craftsmanship are crucial to the result. I strive to obtain balance between textile, colours, proportions and style in such a way that the embroidery will discretely support the storytelling and contribute to its historical accuracy and beauty. 

Thomas Sjølander

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