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A quick outline of the embroidery proces:

Collaborating on creating machine embroidery as surface decoration, on couture and costumes can raise many questions. Here I have tried to cover some of the basic requirements and typical steps most often taken:

149 - Virtuoso - Colour combination #12.jpg

1. Creating an embroidery can either be based on motifs from my design library or it can be created from scratch. To create a particular embroidery, you will need to send me the design in a good, high resolution. I can work from images of period pieces, from hand drawings or digital designs as long as the required details are nice and clear.

From the reference material I will work out an estimate for your approval. 

I will then start digitizing the design. Together we work out colours and details and I will embroider samples for your approval.

The samples can either be sent to you via courier or adjustments can be made from digital images.

2. When the design/the repeat is approved, I will need to receive the paper pattern pieces for the garment to be embroidered. It is important the pieces have been corrected according to the fitting of the actor. The pieces are scanned into the computer and the repeats are digitally applied to the pattern pieces.

This step in the process will also be needed for adapting existing repeats from the design library to new pattern pieces. 

Colour combination #12 - Simulation View.jpg
149 - Virtuoso - Coat #1.jpg

3. In order to embroider the garments, it is important the fabric pieces have been cut with a good seam allowance.

It is also important the fabric pieces have been marked with basting stitches showing the stitch lines of the pattern. The basting stitches will indicate the correct placement of the embroidery on the fabric.

The image here clearly shows the basting stitches on a dark coat and below an image of the finished embroidered pieces for two waistcoats.

If I can help you with any embroidery work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would be thrilled to collaborate on your project.

149 - Virtuoso - Waistcoat #1 - 1.jpg
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